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    White-label booking app

    • Available for iOS and Android;
    • Customized app with company's brand and color scheme. Colorize the application;
    • Let your customers book rides in easy steps;
    • Referral program for invite a friends;
    • Automated customer PUSH-notifications;
    • Payment via card (Visa/MasterCard);
    • Regular updates.

    Available on the App Store and Google Play

    Dispatch panel

    • Simple and user-friendly interface allows user to start working fast.;
    • Create branches in other cities and countries;
    • Automatic or manual distribution of orders according to set preferences;
    • Software is compatible with corporate customers;
    • Access rights settings for employees;
    • Aggregating function: you can add other taxi companies;
    • Reports for performance analysis.

    Request Gootax demo-version

    We can help you explore our software features, tune up settings and answer all your questions

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    Executor application

    • Orders for drivers are updated on a real-time basis;
    • Control over order processing. Taximeter;
    • Integration with navigation apps;
    • Top up your credit using bank card;
    • Order history.

    Available on the Google Play

    We have customers all over the world

    • Switzerland
    • Germany
    • Slovakia
    • Sudan
    • Armenia
    • Azerbaijan
    • Tajikistan
    • Turkmenistan
    • Kazakhstan
    • Uzbekistan
    • Ukraine
    • Russia

    We are ready to start operating in your city

    Gootax is good for

    • City taxi
    • Inter-city transport
    • Transfers
    • Truck services
    • Corporate customers taxi
    • Designated driver services
    • Delivery services
    • Special vehicles and tow-truck services

    Gootax advantages

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      Quick start

      Start working right after you register. Our manager will help you explore our software features.

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      You can work wherever you are

      Control operation, analyze reports - you only need a PC and internet connection.

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      No need to buy equipments

      Gootax servers are located in several reliable data centers.

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      Safe data keeping

      Copies of all data are stored on several servers which protects you from losing data.

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      System updates

      System updates automatically in background mode without breaking operation.

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      After registration tech support will help you solve any issues.


    Start using right now


    • What is cloud service (SaaS), what are its advantages?

      Cloud service is a system operation model where you don’t need to buy and maintain your own server, hire an administrator and monitor server operation. Gootax software is for lease, you only have to sign up and you can start working right away.
    • Are cloud services reliable?

      Gootax architecture is based on maximum fail-safety in conditions of heavy load and in cases of emergency. Gootax is operating on several servers which are located in different places. Server architecture distributes load between them. If one server is down, other servers will ensure seamless operation.
    • What about data security?

      Gootax customers do not have to worry about data storage. All data is secured and cannot be transferred to third parties according to license agreement. Software operates via secured SSL-certificate. Gootax servers are optimized for seamless operation under load.
    • What if the service is shut down?

      We know the industry we work in and we have great plans of further development. For our customers’ safety we have a clause in our contract: if the service is terminated we set up the software on customer’s server and you can continue working.
    • Can I buy Gootax and set it up on my own server?

      Primary Gootax advantage is cloud-based operation - the software is automatically updated and developed. There is nopoint in installing software on your own server.
    • How often is Gootax updated?

      Gootax is updated on a regular basis, twice a month.
    • Tell us about Gootax team.

      At the moment Gootax team includes 25 people. The company is ran by IT-specialists with hands-on experience of over 7 years and people with great experience of working in taxi, courier and other services. This tandem lets us see the market trends, test solutions in-house and offer our customers high-quality product.

    How do I launch my own taxi fleet?

    You need your passion, positive thinking and Gootax software

    • 1. Registration and setup

      Sign up for Gootax and adjust primary settings. We can help you tune your settings.

    • 2. Choosing plan

      Choose a suitable plan according to your desires, pay using your preferable method.

    • 3. Publishing mobile application

      Fill out a form for publishing client application. It will be available in Appstore and GooglePlay within 10 days.

    • 4. Starting operation

      Everything is ready for operation. Good luck!

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